Sundae the Schnoodle

Sundae the Schnoodle. She has a brown/tan coloured muzzle with a dark grey/blackish coat and a white chest. I've drawn her with some nice big eyebrows in this picture.

Sundae the Schnoodle loves walks, people and other dogs (but only from a distance). Favourite toy is a shark from ikea. Will shamelessly eat your clean socks if you leave her home alone. 🎂 Birthday: October 2015🏠 Home: East Perth❤️ Human/s: Lucy Check out Sundae’s photo on Instagram

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Jasper Crackers the Kelpie x Maltese Shih Tzu

Jasper Crackers has a black coat with tan paws, muzzle and eyebrows. He's laying down looking pretty chilled with a ball at his paws..

Jasper is the love child of a backyard romance between his rescue mum and the next door neighbours Constantino wannabe dog. He has recently learnt to surf in the pool on his bodyboard and thinks he is the doggo version of Lleyton Hewitt with his new love of Tennis Balls. 🎂 Birthday: June 22, 2018🏠 Home: Northlands, WA❤️ Human/s: Marty Crackers

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Pogo the Chihuahua Cross

Pogo the Chihuahua Cross sitting up on her haunches looking very happy.

Pogo is an elderly doggo, with the heart and the selective hearing of a puppy. She’s an independant dog, who loves nothing more than eating all the treats she can get her paws on, and then hiding the ones that don’t make the grade (often buried in the bed blankets). Her most favourite thing in…

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