Nero the Domestic Shorthair Cat

Nero is a domestic shorthair cat with black fur and green eyes. In this drawing he is laying flat on his side with his ears perked and his eyes wide open.

Nero likes drinking from a running tap and curling up in Kate’s lap. Birthday: 2008Home: Perth, WARequested by: Kate

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Nugget the Holland Lop and Snuffles the Netherlands Dwarf

Nugget is an orange-ish Holland Lop rabbit with brown ears, paws and nose. Snuffles is a black Netherlands Dwarf with white fur around his mouth and on his toes. They're snuggled up together!

Aside from being indoor free roam and litter trained rabbits, they are also dedicated alarm systems. Now, rabbits don’t make any vocal noises, aside from the odd grunt or squeak. But nugget and snuffles will bound into the room you’re in and thump their little back legs down on the carpet/couch/my lap (ouch) if they…

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Larry the Domestic Shorthair Cat

Larry the Domestic Shorthair cat has green eyes, a light brown/tan coloured coat with grey stripes, and a white nose and chin. The cheeky boy is poking his tongue out!

Larry is adopted (don’t tell him) , he was found on a building site, rescued, then we took him in. He’s been slow to figure that affection is nice, but quick to figure out how much he loves sprinting around the apartment all night. Birthday: October 2017Home: Wembley, WARequested by: Kris

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Bruce the Staffordshire Terrier

Bruce is 30kg of cuddle machine. He was abandoned from his old home, and it took him a long time to get comfortable with Matt – who adopted him. Bruce is still very nervous around other people, but he has taken to Matt and it’s warmed his cold heart. Birthday: Unknown – Bruce was a…

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Jing the American Staffy

Jing loves to talk at you and honk and hoot. She also is super fussy about getting on the sofa and will often just stare at you until you move so she can sit where you were sitting. Birthday: 2008Home: Victoria Park, Western AustraliaRequested by: Jimmy

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Polly the Tortoiseshell

Hayley was 4 years old when she picked Polly from a pet store. She was found in a box as a kitten. Polly is a tortoiseshell which can be also be referred to as ‘Naughty Tortie’ as tortoiseshells have a reputation for being naughty. Although Polly can have a bit of an attitude sometimes, she…

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Grace the Dachshund

Grace is the most cheeky and affectionate dog ever. She spends her days eating carefully prepared meals and basking in the sun in the front yard. She loves playing with her brothers, 9 year old Dachshund Jack and 3 year old adopted cat, Puss or snuggling on the couch with her mum. Birthday: 2014Home: Swanbourne,…

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Bruno the Schnauzer x Sausage Dog

Bruno the Schnauzer x Sausage Dog - Colour Drawing

A rare moment of our baby not destroying the house! He is 8 months old and a huge cuddler, very affectionate little boy.  Alan Love the Hawaiian lei 🙂

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Einstein the Corgy

Einstein the Corgy wearing a black and white bow tie

Rachel adopted Einstein in May 2017. He got to wear his lovely bow tie after his first groom.

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Rusty the Red Kelpie

Rusty is Laura’s first dog! He’s a big goof and loves chasing things.

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Edith and Art

Edith the Labradoodle and Art the Airedale Terrier with their human buddies!
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Chester the Pomeranian Chihuahua

Chester the Pomeranian Chihuahua is a fluffy little dog!

This is Chester the dog, his breath stinks so much. His breath has become the source of a running joke in Justin’s family.

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Mork the Beagle

Mork the Beagle colour drawing
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Juddy the Beagle Cross

Juddy the Beagle Cross loves food. He has tan markings, a white chest, and a black coat.
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Samson the Birman Cat

Samson the cat has bright blue eyes.

Unpacking the shopping can be a bit difficult when Samson likes to think the bags equal toys!

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Taxi the Kelpie Cross

Taxi the Kelpie Cross sitting comfortably on her bed.
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Roxy and Shaka

Shaka is running his little heart out while Roxy takes it easy on the backseat!

Aidan asked for a drawing of his mum riding her bike with their eldest dog, Roxy the Maltese cross Shetland in the backseat, and Shaka the Shetland acting as an engine 🙂

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Mario the Domestic Short-Haired Cat

Mario is a domestic short-haired cat. He has a black and white face with a distinctive patch of black fur on his chin.

Mario’s best friend, Fabienne, describes Mario the DSH cat: “This is Mario my cat, he is a bit fat and a bit lazy.”

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Piper the Chihuahua

Piper the little brown chihuahua

Piper the Chihuahua likes to look into the mirror and watch her best friend put makeup on every morning. Afterwards she usually takes a brush and runs underneath the bed.

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Andrew and Kane

Andrew and Kane coloured drawing. Andrew has a beard, and Kane is a rottweiler.
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Pippa and Sammy

Pippa and Sammy are best friends
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Jasper the Black Kelpie

Finished drawing of Jasper the black kelpie. His pink tongue is poking out and he's wearing a green collar with a little bone shaped name tag.

Jasper is a rescue pup from the RSPCA WA… At 8 months old he was tied to a park bench and left. Jasper was rescued by Graeme’s girlfriend while she was at work. Jasper has become the love of their lives and makes everything better! Jasper is also affectionately called ‘wiggles’ because when he’s happy…

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Archibald Ignatius the Pygmy Kelpie

A black and tan coloured pygmy kelpie sitting down.

Jodie:  A smiling Archie taken not long after we adopted him. Archie: woof.

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Whisky and Donovan

Whisky is pictured sitting on Donovan's shoulder. I was tempted to draw a pirate patch on Donovan.


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Rudy the Italian Greyhound

Rudy loves to cuddle with his sister, a German Shepherd.

Rudy is Tabitha’s first dog! Tabitha is just obsessed with him so she takes a photo usually whenever she can. This drawing is from a photo Tabitha took when she was in her room charging her phone and his snout suddenly covered the majority of the view of her screen.

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Samson & Delilah

Samson is coloured light blue, and Delilah is a light grey.

Samson (long haired) & Delilah (short hair) were given up for adoption by a family moving interstate 3 years ago. Seb and his wife saw them at a local cat rescue centre and fell in love. They are 7 yrs old and very well behaved little British cats.  

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Robin Astani


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Luna the Blue Heeler x Kelpie

Luna is sitting on guard. She's coloured blue because I didn't have a grey that looked good :)

Luna, also affectionately known as Ratbag, likes to keep a watchful eye at night.

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Nugget the Labrador

Nugget likes to jump on Shane’s back when he’s laying on the couch. He likes to sit up straight, refuse to budge and show Shane who’s boss.

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Oliver and George the Sausage Dogs

Oliver and George the Sausage Dogs are hanging out together.

Josh and Tayla say they both love eating treats and sleeping. Sounds good to me! Oliver is 6 and George is 4.

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