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  • Marshy the Bunny

    Marshy the Bunny

    Unlike Panini, Marshy the Bunny is not a fussy eater and is interested in every food/non-food that Shirley has in the house including electrical cords, carpet, and whatever Shirley is having for dinner! She definitely lets you know when she does not like something by nipping you. But she also licks (particularly the knees) a […]

  • Panini the Bunny

    Panini the Bunny

    Panini is a CHEEKY bunny, but very lovable and cuddly! She doesn’t like bananas or carrots but she does love running around the house like she’s on Ninja Warrior. One of her favourite pastimes is poking her head out from under the TV cabinet to catch Shirley’s attention before racing off to do happy binkies! […]

  • Ernie the Boston Terrier x Pug

    Ernie the Boston Terrier x Pug

    This layabout Boston Terrier Pug likes living the Pug Life with bad boy Ben. Ernie is a lazy dog that loves you but doesn’t want to physically be touched by you. He loves laying in the sun, catching flies and sucking on his soccer ball. πŸŽ‚ Birthday: December, 2014🏠 Home: WA

  • Roxie the Bull Mastiff x Staffie

    Roxie the Bull Mastiff x Staffie

    This beautiful Bull Mastiff x Staffie hangs out with the likable Lisa! Roxie loves to snuggle on the bed and the couch. She hates it when Lisa cleans glass with a cloth and it squeaks. πŸŽ‚ Birthday: April, 2020🏠 Home: Victoria Park, WA

  • Jax the Jack Russell Terrier

    Jax the Jack Russell Terrier

    This jovial Jack Russell Terrier hangs out with the spectacular Scott! Jax is a very hyper doggo who can be chill when he wants to be. πŸŽ‚ Birthday: May, 2017🏠 Home: Secret Harbour, WA❀️ BFF: Scott

  • Bonnie the Schnauzer

    Bonnie the Schnauzer

    This snazzy Schnauzer hangs out with the marvellous Max! Bonnie is a very cheeky, persistent and playful dog who loves going for a walk but refuses to get into her harness for said walk. She’s also very curious and loves to pop her head over any wall she can as she eventually walks past. πŸŽ‚ […]

  • Coco the Poodle Terrier Mix

    Coco the Poodle Terrier Mix

    Coco is a tiny dog who thinks she’s 5x bigger than she is. She will constantly try to assert dominance at things from afar but quickly changes demeanour once they come closer and she realises how big they actually are! She might have terrible depth perception with only one eye, but she’s really a sweetheart! […]

  • Hiro the Black Cat

    Hiro the Black Cat

    Hiro the empath cat comes into the room if one of the kids is crying to give them cuddles. And he loves to sleep under the covers. Hiro is very chill, loves pats and cuddles, likes to be carried around the house and lies about whether he’s been fed. πŸŽ‚ Birthday: September, 2016🏠 Home: Yokine, […]

  • King the German Shepherd

    King the German Shepherd

    King loves walkies. If you forget to take him he’s definitely going to poke his tongue at you, so best not forget! πŸŽ‚ Birthday: February, 2012🏠 Home: Halls Head, WA❀️ BFF: Helena

  • Tayto the Tuxedo Cat

    Tayto the Tuxedo Cat

    Tayto was found in a park as a kitten. He’s a bit shy but always has the loudest purr! He likes to sit with his arms hanging off things. He also likes to sit on your back when you lay in bed and enjoys licking the bottom of your cereal bowl! πŸŽ‚ Birthday: November, 2014🏠 […]

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