Pogo the Chihuahua Cross

Pogo the Chihuahua Cross sitting on her haunches looking very happy. She has tan coloured legs, a black coat and white face with tan and dark markings.

Pogo is an elderly doggo, with the heart and the selective hearing of a puppy. She’s an independant dog, who loves nothing more than eating all the treats she can get her paws on, and then hiding the ones that don’t make the grade (often buried in the bed blankets).

Her most favourite thing in the world is butt scratches, these being the only things that she will ever beg for – she is too dignified to beg for anything else. Pogo’s favourite person is one Coles delivery driver who loves her just as much – she will always greet him by running around his legs and bowing to him and cuddling up to him when he brings the shopping in for her elderly mother, although she does get along with most of the other drivers too.

She’s a lovely old girl, who has grown to be just like her Mum – both of whom will struggle to get out of bed in the morning and just want to stay in the warm under the covers tucked up together watching dog rescue videos on YouTube.

🎂 Birthday: March, 2006
🏠 Home: Rivervale, WA