Polly the Tortoiseshell

A drawing of Polly the Tortoiseshell, gazing off in the distance with a certain air of disinterest
A coloured drawing of Polly the Tortoiseshell. She has many shades of brown, cream and grey and is very fluffy! Her eyes are a lovely green as she gazes off into the distance, with a look of mild disinterest on her face.

Hayley was 4 years old when she picked Polly from a pet store. She was found in a box as a kitten.

Polly is a tortoiseshell which can be also be referred to as ‘Naughty Tortie’ as tortoiseshells have a reputation for being naughty. Although Polly can have a bit of an attitude sometimes, she is a loving and caring cat who has been a part of Hayley’s family for over 15 years now.

Hayley knows Polly is happy when she purrs super loud and jumps up onto her back legs (kind of like a Quokka) to receive a pat ❤️

Birthday: 2nd September, 2004
Home: Warwick, Western Australia
Requested by: Hayley