Josie the Paintbred Clipclop (horse)

A drawing of Josie standing in the water. She has a lovely brown coat with pink and grey muzzle, and black hair.

Josie is a sassy little horse who is the boss of the paddock.

She pushes everyone around but it’s all show because she’s actually a bit of a scaredycat. For example, she is frightened of her own shadow, she thinks ponies will eat her, and she will hightail it away from you if you have something in your hands that she’s never seen before.

She loves the beach but is afraid of seaweed touching her legs (who wouldn’t be?!). Her ears look like a donkeys and her legs have zebra stripes… I think she’s from questionable breeding!

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🎂 Birthday: March, 2010
🏠 Home: Capel, WA
❤️ Human/s: Sophie