Jode the Cockatiel

A drawing of Jode the Cockatiel. She has a blue body, grey wings and a white crest - and a love heart shape on her back.

Jode seems to think she is a duck rather than a desert parrot, always jumping into any available water and flicking it everywhere. Open cups cannot be left unattended in this house, and more cereal bowls than I care to admit have been dive-bombed!

She is a “velcro bird”, immediately jumping onto her chosen human as soon as she’s let out of the cage in the morning and refusing to be separated as long as she has a say in it.

Snuggles and cuddles are what she lives for, making the heart-shaped spot on her back almost prophetic.

She also has a mischievous streak, usually in tandem with her sister. Favourite chew toys include toenails, house plants, the corners of the linoleum floor, and freshly cleaned washing. The velcro thing helps a lot with maintaining supervision of their safety…

🎂 Birthday: October, 2019
🏠 Home: Como, WA
❤️ Favourite Person : Sarah