Category Traditional Doodles

Drawings and doodles drawn the old fashioned way – with pen and paper.

Marshy the Bunny

I suspect Marshy the Bunny is named after a marshmallow with her soft white fur and fluffy appearance!

Unlike Panini, Marshy the Bunny is not a fussy eater and is interested in every food/non-food that Shirley has in the house including electrical cords, carpet, and whatever Shirley is having for dinner! She definitely lets you know when she…

Panini the Bunny

Panini the Bunny looks like a loaf of Panini bread!

Panini is a CHEEKY bunny, but very lovable and cuddly! She doesn’t like bananas or carrots but she does love running around the house like she’s on Ninja Warrior. One of her favourite pastimes is poking her head out from…

Bonnie the Schnauzer

Bonnie the Schnauzer

This snazzy Schnauzer hangs out with the marvellous Max! Bonnie is a very cheeky, persistent and playful dog who loves going for a walk but refuses to get into her harness for said walk. She’s also very curious and loves…

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