Automatic Cat Feeder

Meow, meow, meow. Nom, nom, nom!
Holly the Tabby Cat likes sleeping on human pillows, playing with yarn and climbing all over your laptop when you're trying to work.

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Have you heard about automatic cat feeders?

Check this one out on Amazon—it’s called the Pixie Smart Feeder.

I heard about it on Instagram when Cat Haven posted it as their staff member’s pick of the week.

Curiosity got the better of this cat, so I dug a little deeper to find out more about them.

What are Automatic Cat Feeders? 

The first clue is in their name. They’re automatic food dispensers for your beloved cat… or cats… or multiples of cats if you love having lots of cats!

The second thing about them isn’t as plainly obvious, but definitely important to know. Many of them can be used with dry cat food only – so don’t go filing them with Whiskas or Fancy Feast or any other wet cat food because that could get messy!

But this third feature is probably their biggest selling point. They’re a great way to ensure your cat gets properly fed at the right intervals even while you’re away!

How To Choose The Best Automatic Cat Feeder

Most automatic cat feeders work in a similar fashion, but there are some that take it to the next level.

Like Chip Activated Cat Feeders, which can distinguish your cat from all the others in the cat household.

Check out the Automatic Cat Feeders range available on Amazon today.