Taxi the Kelpie Cross

Taxi the Kelpie Cross sitting comfortably on her bed.
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Roxy and Shaka

Shaka is running his little heart out while Roxy takes it easy on the backseat!

Aidan asked for a drawing of his mum riding her bike with their eldest dog, Roxy the Maltese cross Shetland in the backseat, and Shaka the Shetland acting as an engine 🙂

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Mario the Domestic Short-Haired Cat

Mario is a domestic short-haired cat. He has a black and white face with a distinctive patch of black fur on his chin.

Mario’s best friend, Fabienne, describes Mario the DSH cat: “This is Mario my cat, he is a bit fat and a bit lazy.”

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Piper the Chihuahua

Piper the little brown chihuahua

Piper the Chihuahua likes to look into the mirror and watch her best friend put makeup on every morning. Afterwards she usually takes a brush and runs underneath the bed.

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Andrew and Kane

Andrew and Kane coloured drawing. Andrew has a beard, and Kane is a rottweiler.
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Pippa and Sammy

Pippa and Sammy are best friends
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Jasper the Black Kelpie

Finished drawing of Jasper the black kelpie. His pink tongue is poking out and he's wearing a green collar with a little bone shaped name tag.

Jasper is a rescue pup from the RSPCA WA… At 8 months old he was tied to a park bench and left. Jasper was rescued by Graeme’s girlfriend while she was at work. Jasper has become the love of their lives and makes everything better! Jasper is also affectionately called ‘wiggles’ because when he’s happy…

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Archibald Ignatius the Pygmy Kelpie

A black and tan coloured pygmy kelpie sitting down.

Jodie:  A smiling Archie taken not long after we adopted him. Archie: woof.

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Whisky and Donovan

Whisky is pictured sitting on Donovan's shoulder. I was tempted to draw a pirate patch on Donovan.


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Rudy the Italian Greyhound

Rudy loves to cuddle with his sister, a German Shepherd.

Rudy is Tabitha’s first dog! Tabitha is just obsessed with him so she takes a photo usually whenever she can. This drawing is from a photo Tabitha took when she was in her room charging her phone and his snout suddenly covered the majority of the view of her screen.

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