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Solomon the tabby cat

Solomon the tabby cat, sitting on Elle's lap looking very content. Copic marker doodle.

Solomon is a real cuddle puss and sometimes he starts drooling profusely when he is being cuddled. Here he is sitting on Elle’s lap giving some unconditional loving.

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Diesel the rottweiler

Diesel is black and tan in colour. He's a big friendly rottweiler that had a bad start in life but is very happy at his new home!

Dale submitted a photo of his partner’s dog, Diesel. She took him in as a rescue at 6 years old. He was very mistreated, but with a bit of love he’s turned into a big goofball. We take him everywhere we go. This is a drawing of the big fella waiting for his mum to get…

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Mary the Sharpei x Bull Mastiff

Mary the Sharpei x Bull Mastiff is having a nap with Wendy

Mary and Wendy having a lovely nap together on the couch.

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Nelson the Shitzu Poodle

Nelso the shitzu poodle looks like he was a Christmas present for Linley. He is wearing a red and green Christmas themed scarf and sitting next to a Christmas tree :)

Linley says: My dog is cute and fluffy! He’s very cheeky but knows how to pose for a photo. His favourite activity is chasing the ducks when we go for a walk by the lake.

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Kumo the Japanese Spitz

Coloured drawing of Kumo the Japanese Spitz playing with his favourite toy.

This is Myles’ puppy, Kumo, posing with her favourite toy. She likes it because there are buscuits hidden inside it!

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Rigby loves tuna

Rigby the Persian cat, coloured in with orange Copic markers.

Rigby is a 4 year old Persian who loves to eat tuna and sleep all day. He also likes to stand under the shower and catch flies.

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Chelsie the Blue Heeler x Kelpie

Amy’s beloved dog passed away a couple of years ago at a ripe old age of almost 16. She was a sweetheart and Amy misses her a lot.  

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Coloured in drawing of a dog called Misty

Misty is a Maltese x Jack Russell, and Ben says although she is getting old she still acts like a puppy!

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Bondi the budgie

Kid's drawing of a green and yellow budgie called Bondi

Bondi the budgie loves to roam around our home, chatting to himself in the mirror 🙂

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Captain Bento the moggy

Drawing of Captain Bento - the moggy cat. Coloured version.

This is Captain Bento! He’s is very spoilt, with stubby legs and a little bit of a chub. He loves paper balls, and hiding behind door ways to jump out at you!

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Tibbers the doggy

Kid's drawing of a doggy wearing sunglasses

Molly says her 6 month old son doesn’t like his baby sunglasses, so we put them on the dog instead! Tibbers the Kelpie X is loving them 🙂

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Delta disapproves

Coloured in drawing of Delta the long haired house cat looking disapprovingly at you

Delta is the sweetest, fluffiest, gentlest, and silliest little angel. She greets Courtney everyday at the door when she gets home from work, and likes to groom her by licking Courtney’s hand/face/any exposed area of skin. Courtney says she’s not very bright, but she’s the cutest cat in the world and she loves her 🙂…

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Simpson and Rally

Coloured in drawing of a bull terrier and border collie playing together

Glenn from Perth says these 2 are best friends and love playing at the park together, even though Simpson just chases Rally while he is after his ball 🙂

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Gilbert the Guinea Pig

Coloured in drawing of a little guinea pig wearing a crown for his birthday

It was Gilbert’s 1st birthday so Samantha decided to make a crown and little costume for him, and do a little photoshoot. Gilbert is a shy piggy but never shy for photos 🙂

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Adorable little alien dog

Drawing of a Chihuahua doing a little dance

Doing a little boogie woogie 🙂

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Journey into the Sahara

Drawing of a woman and a man with only their eyes showing, literally.

Getting ready to head into the Sahara desert 🙂

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Husband to Yarightchump

Profile drawing of a man with short, dark hair and a trimmed beard looking off the page

What’s over there?

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This is Raisin

Raisin the cat - brown and black markings with a white face and tummy.

This is Raisin the cat, friend of ‘the other cat’ (aka Dúlli).

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Hallli’s other cat

Drawing of a black and white tabby with a look on its face that says "I'm not impressed."

This is Hallli’s other cat 🙂

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Grey Faukes

Grey Faulkes - profile picture - Copic markers

A Clever Little Doodle for Grey Faukes 🙂

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A guy wearing a banana patterned button up shirt, with the buttons undone

This shirt is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

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jacinta wearing an orange shirt and green cardigan

Jacinta sporting an orange top and green cardigan 🙂

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Pharah the cat

Pharah the cat is wearing a sweater... and he doesn't like it.

Pharah the cat does not like wearing sweaters.

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A ginger kitten

A drawing of a ginger kitten

Drawing a ginger kitten with my daughter 🙂 … (and my son just pointed out “a cat with 6 legs!”)

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You can do it, Motivating Giraffe!

Motivating Giraffe climbing up a ladder to reach an apple at the top of the tree

You can do it, Motivating Giraffe 🙂

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Cilla the blue Shar Pei

Cilla the blue Shar Pei is having a rest on a nice sunny day. The little thought bubble reads: "This is the Shar Pei life".

Cilla the blue Shar Pei is chilling 🙂 Details: I used a Sharpie Pen, Copic Multiliner 1.0, Cold Grey III Pitt artist pen, Frost Blue Copic marker and a Canson drawing pad. Oh, and some alphabet magnets made a cameo too 🙂

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Say bees!

Drawing of a lady with dark curly hair with a nice big smile saying 'say bees!' instead of 'say cheese!'

Say bees! I mean, say Cheese! Show everyone that wonderful smile 🙂

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Avocado Smash – TShirt

A picture of an avocado cut in half so you can see the seed, which has an angry 'Hulk' face.

Avocado angry. Avocado SMASH.

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Tyrion the kitten

A little kitten looking very content. He has green eyes, a big smile and is very fluffy (but I've drawn him so he looks like he has a beard).

Tyrion the kitten. He was so fluffy he looked like he had a beard 🙂

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Shar Pei Puppy #2

A drawing of a cute little Shar Pei puppy with his head tilted to the side, sitting up on his haunches.

This little pup is another ‘Shar Pei with a Sharpie’ drawing 🙂

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