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Using InVideo to Make Videos

InVideo is an online video creator that I’ve been playing around with since June. It’s easy to use, has an enthusiastic community of collaborative users, and the backing of a dedicated team. They’re a generous bunch too – offering a short promo in July where you can get extra users, premium credits and videos up to 10 minutes long in exchange for a little help to spread the word.

Seeing as how I’m already diggin’ it, that sounds like a win-win to me! And that’s what this is about – a shout out to InVideo for being a clever little video editor.

OK, picture this. You’re out and about with your smart phone, snapping photos and recording videos of your family camping trip; shooting some footage for your office presentation; capturing the motion of the ocean with your underwater camera; or, just grabbing some shots of whatever grabs your interest.

<drawing of plastic bag floating in alley way>

But what do you do once you’ve got the footage in the can?

I’ve used a bunch of different tools like Camtasia, Filmora, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and many others. They’re all good, but my two favourites at the moment are Google Photos (because it just works so well for family videos), and InVideo for its ease of use and versatility.

Incredible. Intuitive. Industrious. Invaluable. InVideo. Caption: I tried to think of as many nice words as I could that started with ‘In’.

InVideo is incredibly convenient. These days I don’t need a bulky camera for taking photos, or a desktop program for editing videos. Now my phone takes the photos and InVideo makes the movies.

And because InVideo is an online video editor it means I can fire it up at work or home, render the videos online and have them ready to go in a jiffy.

If you like blogging about your hobby, or even blogging as your hobby, then you’ll enjoy the blog-to-video option that takes your written words and converts them into a video version of your story, with a little input from yourself.

You can also use InVideo to create promo videos for your business. So far, I have created a couple of 2-minute marketing videos for my employer, a bunch of 6-second social media promo videos, and a couple of product demonstration videos.

InVideo is intuitive. If you’re running a business then you’ve probably heard someone say “you’ve got to use video – it’s the future of content marketing!” But that’s often easier said than done!

InVideo changes that and makes it just as easy to do.

With its user-friendly approach to video editing, you won’t need to spend too much time figuring it out before you’ve made your first video. And thanks to this clever little time-saver, I’m now making more videos than ever before-which makes me look good in front of my video-loving boss!

The InVideo team are industrious. The InVideo team describe themselves as sincere folks working to the best of their abilities with a singular goal of creating the world’s best video creation software.

I like the commitment! The energy they have is inspiring and reassuring, and great to be a part of.

And you do feel a part of it. Feedback is welcome, and many new features have been launched based on this two-way communication.

Personally, I’ve asked for character kerning to be added.

InVideo’s Community is Invaluable. There’s an active Facebook group where you can interact with the developers and CEO, ask questions, and get some tips and tricks from other users. They’re a friendly and collaborative bunch – much like the InVideo team themselves.

InVideo: In Conclusion. It’s a good all-rounder that’s quick and easy to use for social videos (up to 10 minutes on the Enterprise Plan) and has great support. At the time of writing there are a few things that I’d like to see introduced, such as an effective timeline control, but the InVideo team are always improving.

I like it.