Edith and Art

Edith the Labradoodle and Art the Airedale Terrier with their human buddies!
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Roxy and Shaka

Shaka is running his little heart out while Roxy takes it easy on the backseat!

Aidan asked for a drawing of his mum riding her bike with their eldest dog, Roxy the Maltese cross Shetland in the backseat, and Shaka the Shetland acting as an engine 🙂

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Andrew and Kane

Andrew and Kane coloured drawing. Andrew has a beard, and Kane is a rottweiler.
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Whisky and Donovan

Whisky is pictured sitting on Donovan's shoulder. I was tempted to draw a pirate patch on Donovan.
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Robin Astani

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Mary the Sharpei x Bull Mastiff

Mary the Sharpei x Bull Mastiff is having a nap with Wendy

Mary and Wendy having a lovely nap together on the couch.

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Journey into the Sahara

Drawing of a woman and a man with only their eyes showing, literally.

Getting ready to head into the Sahara desert 🙂

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Husband to Yarightchump

Profile drawing of a man with short, dark hair and a trimmed beard looking off the page

What’s over there?

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Grey Faukes

Grey Faulkes - profile picture - Copic markers

A Clever Little Doodle for Grey Faukes 🙂

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A guy wearing a banana patterned button up shirt, with the buttons undone

This shirt is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

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