Earl the Domestic Short Hair Cat

Earl the domestic short hair cat loves cuddles. She's pictured here hunched up looking like an angry loaf of bread :)

In our house we have the toddler (Judy the dog) and Earl the moody teenager. Moody as when you want to talk to her, but will hold your face and give sweet kisses and cuddles endlessly on her terms. Loves belly scritches outside in the sun and will come running to be serenaded with a lullaby if she hears you singing.

Earl likes:

  • Secretly snuggling with Judy the dog
  • Sleeping on mum’s head
  • Ear and chin scritches

Earl dislikes:

  • Humans seeing her be friends with Judy the dog
  • Cutlery being put away from the dishwasher- cue angry meowing
  • Aggressive head pats

🎂 Birthday: January, 2016
🏠 Home: Huntingdale, WA
❤️ BFF: Michelle