Traditional Doodles

Drawings and doodles drawn the old fashioned way – with pen and paper.

Tayto the Tuxedo cat pictured laying down relaxing. He has his eyes closed in the photo but I've drawn him with shifty eyes!

Tayto the Tuxedo Cat

Tayto was found in a park as a kitten. He’s a bit shy but always has the loudest purr! He likes to sit with his arms hanging off things. He also likes to sit on your back when you lay…

Lola the Staff Mastiff x. She's sitting up and giving her best sad eye stare.

Lola the Staffy x Mastiff

Lola the Staffy Mastiff is eight years old, loves Cheezels and enjoys Rosey’s singing, but she has a secret… She steals food from under your nose but very rarely is she caught in the act. She is a Sneaky Dog!…

Ace the German Shepherd!

Ace the German Shepherd

Ace the lovely German Shepherd is no longer with us, but he was my brother’s best friend in the whole wide world! He loved to go for a run, have a good howl, and just chill with his bestie.

Mittens the Beagle has a tan coloured coat with a white chest and muzzle.

Mittens the Beagle

Mittens is very mischievous, inquisitive and intelligent. She loves food, hates water, and Susan says having a beagle is like having a highly intelligent toddler – and she loves every minute of it. 🎂 Birthday: October, 2009🏠 Home: Kalamunda, WA❤️…

Johann the Schnauzer likes a carrot for breakfast every morning. He's seen here wearing a blue Hawaiian type shirt with a little collar and stripy tie.

Johann the Schnauzer

Johann’s unofficial full name is Johann Sebastian Bark. He’s sensitive to people’s moods, and if you’re feeling sad, he’ll curl up next to you and lean into you to make you feel better. He can be a bit fiesty at…

Louis the Chinese Crested is standing on the backrest of a park bench looking very suave with the wind in his hair!

Louis the Chinese Crested

Louis the Chinese Crested is a rescue who was raised with cats. He is very mischievous and gets up to a lot of trouble. The best way to describe Louis is weird. He is extremely strange, which is probably due…

My drawing of Baci the Ragdoll Cat. I've drawn him with a very puffy chest and some beardlike fur under his chin.

Baci the Ragdoll Cat

Baci is active, playful and loves to cuddle up to people. He loves climbing cat posts, trees and stairs – and if you are between him and the attic be prepared or you might find a fluffy cat using you…

Cartoon drawing of Kuzco the Chihuahua. He has tan fur with a white chest and muzzle, with nice big ears and a bowtie.

Kuzco the Chihuahua

Kuzco is a cheeky chihuahua and loves meeting new people! Once upon a time Kuzco brought some sticks inside the house. Instead of grabbing them off him Kate traded him for a treat and he’s now learnt that bringing a…

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