Tayto the Tuxedo Cat

Tayto the Tuxedo cat pictured laying down relaxing. He has his eyes closed in the photo but I've drawn him with shifty eyes!

Tayto was found in a park as a kitten. He’s a bit shy but always has the loudest purr! He likes to sit with his arms hanging off things. He also likes to sit on your back when you lay in bed and enjoys licking the bottom of your cereal bowl! 🎂 Birthday: November, 2014🏠…

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Lola the Staffy x Mastiff

Lola the Staff Mastiff x. She's sitting up and giving her best sad eye stare.

Lola the Staffy Mastiff is eight years old, loves Cheezels and enjoys Rosey’s singing, but she has a secret… She steals food from under your nose but very rarely is she caught in the act. She is a Sneaky Dog! 🎂 Birthday: August, 2013🏠 Home: Quinns Rocks, WA❤️ BFF: Rosey

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Mocha the Pomeranian x Japanese Chin

Mocha the Pomeranian x Japanese Chin - cartoon drawing and photo side-by-side comparison

Mocha is a very kind and calm dog, she often sits at the window sill, watching people walk by and cars zoom past. Mocha loves table tennis balls and cats, and Kevin loves that she’s small enough that he can carry her anywhere! 🎂 Birthday: November, 2012🏠 Home: Nedlands, WA❤️ BFF: Kevin

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