Baci the Ragdoll Cat

My drawing of Baci the Ragdoll Cat. I've drawn him with a very puffy chest and some beardlike fur under his chin.

Baci is active, playful and loves to cuddle up to people. He loves climbing cat posts, trees and stairs – and if you are between him and the attic be prepared or you might find a fluffy cat using you as a ladder. Baci likes bird watching but, surprisingly, doesn’t like fish. 🎂 Birthday: October,…

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Kuzco the Chihuahua

Cartoon drawing of Kuzco the Chihuahua. He has tan fur with a white chest and muzzle, with nice big ears and a bowtie.

Kuzco is a cheeky chihuahua and loves meeting new people! Once upon a time Kuzco brought some sticks inside the house. Instead of grabbing them off him Kate traded him for a treat and he’s now learnt that bringing a stick inside earns him a treat so now he does it all the time! Kuzco’s…

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Django the Border Collie x Huntaway

Drawing of Django the Border Collie x Huntaway. He's looking off in to the distance. Photographed against an Australian Woolly Bush

Django is a sook who loves affection and howls if you don’t give him cuddles on the couch when you watch TV. He dosn’t like chasing balls at the park but loves playing chasey with humans or other dogs. He’s terrified of water.He ate a whole packet of balloons when he was a puppy.He has…

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Poppy the Miniature Dachshund

Cartoon drawing of Poppy the miniature Dachshund. She's lying on her back and has black fur with tan highlights on her paws and snout.

Poppy bites your fingers if she thinks that you have food in them, she snores very loudly for such a small dog, and she barks in her sleep sometimes! 🎂 Birthday: August, 2006🏠 Home: Kardinya, WA❤️ BFF: Daniel

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Daisy the ‘Rando’ Moggie

Cartoon drawing of Daisy the 'Rando' Moggie. She has fluffy black fur and big yellow eyes.

Daisy the cat is slightly scared of everything, but super smoochy with people she trusts. She loves: Good snugs, and fresh shower water. But hates: New things! 🎂 Birthday: August, 2007🏠 Home: Perth, WA❤️ BFF: Courtney

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Earl the Domestic Short Hair Cat

Earl the Domestic Short Hair Cat curled up and looking sassy

In our house we have the toddler (Judy the dog) and Earl the moody teenager. Moody as when you want to talk to her, but will hold your face and give sweet kisses and cuddles endlessly on her terms. Loves belly scritches outside in the sun and will come running to be serenaded with a…

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Maggie the Working Cocker Spaniel

Cartoon drawing of Maggie the working cocker spaniel. She has black fur with a white chest and a friendly face!

Maggie wiggles her whole back end instead of just her tail when she is really happy! She is so friendly and resilient. Her joy and lust for adventures is infectious 🙂 3 Random things about Maggie Fetch is serious business She is little spoon in bed She blows bubbles in water 🎂 Birthday: December, 2020🏠 Home: Hilton, WA❤️ BFF: Mitch

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