Didi the Silky X and Goose the Dachshund

Didi was a special stinky fellow. Goose for whatever reason really hates poodles 🐩 🎂 Birthday: August, 2003 (Didi) & February, 2015 (Goose)🏠 Home: Perth, WA❤️ Human/s: Paul Check out Goose & Didi’s photos on Instagram!

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Josie the Paintbred Clipclop (horse)

A drawing of Josie standing in the water. She has a lovely brown coat with pink and grey muzzle, and black hair.

Josie is a sassy little horse who is the boss of the paddock. She pushes everyone around but it’s all show because she’s actually a bit of a scaredycat. For example, she is frightened of her own shadow, she thinks ponies will eat her, and she will hightail it away from you if you have…

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Obi the Maltese Shih Tzu

Obi the Maltese Shih Tzu is sitting up with his tongue poking out. He's got a black/dark grey coat with white eyebrows, white chest and white paws. He's wearing a red collar.

He used to be unruly, then my parents got a second dog and he shifted nicely into a fatherly role. He purrs when he’s happy. Check out Obi’s photo on Instagram! Birthday: November, 2010Home: PerthHumans: Jack

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