Choccie the Exotic Short Hair Cat

A drawing of Choccie the Exotic Short Hair Cat. He's sitting on his bottom like a person with one leg/arm holding him up and the other laying across his belly. He has light brown fur with dark markings, a white chin and green eyes.

Choccie was adopted by us from the Cat Haven here in Perth! Her most favorite activity is to sit in weird positions that expose her lil belly hahaha. Choccie also loves to hunt all of the innocent socks that can be found in the apartment. View Choccie’s photo on Instagram Birthday: December 12, 2016Home: East…

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Banjo the Beagle

Banjo the Beagle bounding along happily. His ears are flapping in the air as he runs excitedly on the beach. He has a tan coat with white paws, tip of his tail and muzzle. He's also wearing a red harness.

Banjo loves singing, especially around other dogs. We adopted him when he was 1 and when he went for lessons he wasn’t allowed to join the rest of his class because he was too disruptive and wouldn’t stay quiet. View Banjo’s photo on Instagram. Birthday: 1 March, 2015Home: PerthHuman Companions: Andrew

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