Rudy the Italian Greyhound

Rudy loves to cuddle with his sister, a German Shepherd.

Rudy is Tabitha’s first dog! Tabitha is just obsessed with him so she takes a photo usually whenever she can. This drawing is from a photo Tabitha took when she was in her room charging her phone and his snout suddenly covered the majority of the view of her screen.

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Samson & Delilah

Samson is coloured light blue, and Delilah is a light grey.

Samson (long haired) & Delilah (short hair) were given up for adoption by a family moving interstate 3 years ago. Seb and his wife saw them at a local cat rescue centre and fell in love. They are 7 yrs old and very well behaved little British cats.  

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Nugget the Labrador

Nugget likes to jump on Shane’s back when he’s laying on the couch. He likes to sit up straight, refuse to budge and show Shane who’s boss.

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Jethro the Bernese Mountain Dog

Michael says Jethro is a fun-loving, goofy, eternally hungry dog. Some of his favourite things are running and playing with other dogs and begging his owner’s for food.

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