Bernard the mini schnauzer

Bernard the mini schnauzer standing on his comfort blanket. Copic marker doodle.

Sarah says: When I first got Bernard in August he liked to drag around this little blanket that my mum bought for him but he would stand on top of it and not be able to work out why he couldn’t move it 🙂

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Solomon the tabby cat

Solomon the tabby cat, sitting on Elle's lap looking very content. Copic marker doodle.

Solomon is a real cuddle puss and sometimes he starts drooling profusely when he is being cuddled. Here he is sitting on Elle’s lap giving some unconditional loving.

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Diesel the rottweiler

Diesel is black and tan in colour. He's a big friendly rottweiler that had a bad start in life but is very happy at his new home!

Dale submitted a photo of his partner’s dog, Diesel. She took him in as a rescue at 6 years old. He was very mistreated, but with a bit of love he’s turned into a big goofball. We take him everywhere we go. This is a drawing of the big fella waiting for his mum to get…

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Nelson the Shitzu Poodle

Nelso the shitzu poodle looks like he was a Christmas present for Linley. He is wearing a red and green Christmas themed scarf and sitting next to a Christmas tree :)

Linley says: My dog is cute and fluffy! He’s very cheeky but knows how to pose for a photo. His favourite activity is chasing the ducks when we go for a walk by the lake.

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