Coloured in drawing of a dog called Misty

Misty is aΒ Maltese x Jack Russell, and Ben says although she is getting old she still acts like a puppy!

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Captain Bento the moggy

Drawing of Captain Bento - the moggy cat. Coloured version.

This is Captain Bento! He’s is very spoilt, with stubby legs and a little bit of a chub. He loves paper balls, and hiding behind door ways to jump out at you!

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Tibbers the doggy

Kid's drawing of a doggy wearing sunglasses

Molly says her 6 month old son doesn’t like his baby sunglasses, so we put them on the dog instead! Tibbers the Kelpie X is loving them πŸ™‚

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Delta disapproves

Coloured in drawing of Delta the long haired house cat looking disapprovingly at you

Delta is the sweetest, fluffiest, gentlest, and silliest little angel. She greets Courtney everyday at the door when she gets home from work, and likes to groom her by licking Courtney’s hand/face/any exposed area of skin. Courtney says she’s not very bright, but she’s the cutest cat in the world and she loves her πŸ™‚…

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Simpson and Rally

Coloured in drawing of a bull terrier and border collie playing together

Glenn from Perth says these 2 are best friends and love playing at the park together, even though Simpson just chases Rally while he is after his ball πŸ™‚

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Gilbert the Guinea Pig

Coloured in drawing of a little guinea pig wearing a crown for his birthday

It was Gilbert’s 1st birthday so Samantha decided to make a crown and little costume for him, and do a little photoshoot. Gilbert is a shy piggy but never shy for photos πŸ™‚

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