First birthday balloons

My daughter the morning of her first birthday! Someone draw this for me please PLEASE PLEASE - color version

First birthday celebrations are in store for this little one! I used some colored pencils on this one for a change 🙂 (By the way, have you seen the light-up LED balloons you can buy now? We had some for our son’s birthday and they were great!)

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Favorite photo now a cartoon

My favourite photo. Would someone please draw me? Color version.

I had to color the camera in grey so it stood out against the background of the black t-shirt. You can’t read it in the colored version of the picture but the strap says Nikon Coolpix.

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Double trouble puppies

Double trouble German Shepherd puppies - color version

I had to draw this puppy portrait of these two little German Shepherds. They look so cute and remind me of my childhood best friend!  

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Wonderful, man!

My friend photographs this wonderful man every Sunday on her way to the Farmer's Market. Colour version.

I finally got to use my orange Copic marker when I drew this cartoon picture of this fellow and his colorful collection of suits!

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New glasses!

Please draw my cute little niece and her new glasses! Thank you all you amazing artists! Color version

This drawing of a little niece in her new glasses was done with Sharpie Pens and Copic markers.

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Little daughter on the grass

Want to give this a try? Pic of my daughter. Color version.

I did this baby drawing using a Sharpie Pen, plain Moleskine notebook and some Copic markers. I used Pinkish White R00 for the baby’s skin but this set of skintones from Copic looks pretty good!

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