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Shar Pei Puppy

Cartoon drawing of a Shar Pei puppy from Instagram.

From the ‘Drawing Shar Pei’s with a sharpie’ series – this cute little puppy was drawn from a picture on Instagram.

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Freyja the Shar Pei does not like daylight savings

A drawing of a golden coloured Shar Pei looking unimpressed. Drawn using a sharpie pen and coloured with copics.

Freyja, tell us how you feel about daylight savings? πŸ™‚ This is part of my ‘Drawing Shar Pei’s with a Sharpie’ series. (First one, in fact.)

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The Amazing Slider-Man

A drawing of a little boy dressed up as Spider-Man and waving hello
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Puppy Cuddles

A young lady cuddling a German Shepherd puppy. She's wearing a black and white striped top and her hair is a similar colour to the tan coloured markings on the puppy.

Cuddles with a cute little puppy πŸ™‚

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Pomegranate Grandmother

A grandmother in her Sunday Best, wearing a nice white top with striking red pants and a red hat. She likes pomegranates too!

Wearing her Sunday best, grandmother loves pomegranates! πŸ™‚

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Space Cat

The adventures of space cat and squeaky theo (the mouse).

In space, no-one can hear you squeak. πŸ™‚

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Denim top

Drawing of a young lady wearing a denim top.

Wearing a denim top.

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A big dog, that almost looks like a polar bear, sitting on a person's lap and squishing him. Copic marker and sharpie pen drawing.

Is this a big dog or a small polar bear? πŸ™‚

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Grandma hanging out with her granddaughter. She's rocking some purple spectacles in this drawing :)

Grandma’s favourite picture πŸ™‚

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Drawing of a young man in a dark coloured button-up shirt saying 'relaxed'. Sharpie and Copic Marker drawing.

Charles is looking rather relaxed πŸ™‚

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Wife and Dog

Picture of a big dog and a lady sitting on a bed 'shoulder to shoulder'. A copic marker and sharpie pen drawing.

Best friends hanging out together πŸ™‚

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Eevee the Kitten

A cartoon drawing of a cute and curious kitten called Eevee!

A curious kitten called Eevee. What adventures will this little bright-eyed wonder get up to? πŸ™‚

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Halloween Aubergine

I made an eggplant emoji costume for Halloween this year!

An eggplant emoji costume for Halloween this year!

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Drawing of a guy appreciating the wonderful view after climbing 12,000 metres. Sharpie drawing, coloured with Copic markers.

Afraid of heights, but was able to climb around 12,000m high for such a wonderful sight.

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A cartoon drawing of a young girl gazing off into the distance, her eyes full of wonder.

This littleΒ girl looks like she is gazing off into the distance with a mind full of wonder and curiosity πŸ™‚

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General kitty

Please paint my cat Fred as a great general, i.e. cat head, human body, but maybe cat hands.

Fred the kitty dressed up as a General πŸ™‚

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Happy Grandfather

A Grandfather named Happy who looks quite content sitting outside on a chair. Drawn with a Sharpie pen, coloured with grey Pitt artist pens and Copic markers.

This is Capital DOOM’s Grandfather. His name is Happy and he looks quite content πŸ™‚

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Corn on the cob

This is my little sister on vacation after a long nap. Her expression and the corn, her only choice for dinner, always makes me laugh. Could you please draw her? Drawn with a Sharpie pen and Copic markers.

Sarah’s little sis is a fussy eater – she had the whole menu to choose from but only wanted the corn on the cob πŸ™‚

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Regal cats

A drawing of a cat and a kitten sitting regally

OK, OK. Now just act regal while I draw your picture πŸ™‚

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Picture day

Drawing of a young lady excitedly looking up to the right with a big smile, posing for her school picture.

Allyson was excited to have her photo taken for her school portrait πŸ™‚

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Young punk

Cartoon drawing of a young lady with orange hair wearing a Ramones tshirt

Interests include selfies and the Ramones πŸ™‚

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Simpson like

two drawings of a cartoon lady coloured in yellow like the Simpsons

We didn’t have any light pink so we used yellow markers πŸ™‚

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Jumping Juniper

A drawing of a little grey and white puppy called Juniper.

This little puppy’s name is Juniper and I like to think she loves jumping! πŸ™‚

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Cat wearing a hat

A drawing of a little grey cat with green eyes wearing a cupcake case for a hat. Drawn with a sharpie pen, coloured with copic markers.

This little kitty is wearing a cupcake case for a hat πŸ™‚

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Other half in the rose garden

My other half, in the rose garden. Drawn with a sharpie pen and coloured with copic markers.

Moose man’s other half is taking time to enjoy the roses πŸ™‚

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Kitty in a box

Three drawings of a kitty in a box - a version by me, and one each by my two children. Drawn with sharpie pens and copic markers.

A kitty in a box πŸ™‚

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Happy girlfriend

Refrigerator art - 3 doodles of a happy girlfriend. Drawing with my children :)

Doodle of Sir Wooky’sΒ happy girlfriend, as drawn by me and my two children πŸ™‚

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Wide eyed wife

A doodle of Robert's wide eyed wife, drawing fun with my little ones!

Robert’s wife pulled a funny face for the camera πŸ™‚      

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Sir Frederick the sausage dog

My children wanted to draw Sir Frederick too!

A drawing of Sir Frederick the sausage dog for Jay, as a special surprise for his special someone πŸ™‚

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Fuzzy the cat

Fuzzy cat has a light coloured fur with golden accents - but I've coloured her in mostly yellow.

I forgot to draw the eyelashes on Fuzzy cat. I’ll post another photo on Facebook showing the difference. πŸ™‚    

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