Say it InVideo

Using InVideo to Make Videos InVideo is an online video creator that I’ve been playing around with since June. It’s easy to use, has an enthusiastic community of collaborative users, and the backing of a dedicated team. They’re a generous bunch too – offering a short promo in July where you can get extra users,…

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Bruno the Schnauzer x Sausage Dog

Bruno the Schnauzer x Sausage Dog - Colour Drawing

A rare moment of our baby not destroying the house! He is 8 months old and a huge cuddler, very affectionate little boy.  Alan Love the Hawaiian lei 🙂

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Einstein the Corgy

Einstein the Corgy wearing a black and white bow tie

Rachel adopted Einstein in May 2017. He got to wear his lovely bow tie after his first groom.

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Rusty the Red Kelpie

Rusty is Laura’s first dog! He’s a big goof and loves chasing things.

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Edith and Art

Edith the Labradoodle and Art the Airedale Terrier with their human buddies!
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Chester the Pomeranian Chihuahua

Chester the Pomeranian Chihuahua is a fluffy little dog!

This is Chester the dog, his breath stinks so much. His breath has become the source of a running joke in Justin’s family.

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Mork the Beagle

Mork the Beagle colour drawing
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Juddy the Beagle Cross

Juddy the Beagle Cross loves food. He has tan markings, a white chest, and a black coat.
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Samson the Birman Cat

Samson the cat has bright blue eyes.

Unpacking the shopping can be a bit difficult when Samson likes to think the bags equal toys!

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Ruby the Dog

Ruby is wearing a red scarf around her neck. She has black markings on her face and ears and light spots on her body.

Ruby was going to be put to sleep in a rural pound but was saved by a dog rescue group. Molly and her partner were fostering Ruby when they fell in love with her and decided to adopt her. She is 2 1/2 years old and Molly’s place is her first permanent home. She loves…

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